A beautifully hand sewn faux fur tail measuring approximately 24 inches (61 cm) long. Fur is a 2 inch soft pile fur that adds a nice dimension and movement when worn. 


Closure is our tested and much loved double clip system. No longer do you need to be wearing a belt to accesorize our cute tails. The two clips are a swivel clip that will connect to belt loops, small belts, and ribbon ties and a Suspender Clip that can clip to any clothing item. This system was developed by Trish, owner of Beastly Boo-tique, due to her convention attire rarely featuring belt loops, belts or sashes! 


Faux fur tails come in different stuffing densities: 

-  Light Stuffing is a slightly flatter tail that has less stuff but much more sway and swish when walking. This style requires slightly more care as you will need to periodically "fluff" it back up if it is compressed. 

- Medium Stuffing is a much more rounded tail that tends to hold its shape a bit more then the Light Stuff, but it also does not have as much sway when walking. This style is less maintenence but, does still require occasional fluffing. 

- Full Stuffing is a fully stuffed tail with very little sway or motion. These tails feature wire for posing. They require minimal maintence beyond occassional brushing and fluffing. 



Bows are able to be removed. 

Snow White Faux Fur Tail with Removeable Bow


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